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Members of the Custer Gallatin Working Group are volunteers representing various organizations with special interests in the health and active management of the Custer Gallatin National Forest.  Our Member Roster identifies the organizations and representatives currently serving on the Working Group.

Originally established by Commissioners from Park, Gallatin, Madison, Carbon, Stillwater, Sweet Grass and Big Horn Counties, additional members were sought out to create a diverse set of perspectives and talents within the Group.  Through frank, objective discussion our members work to develop a ‘zone of agreement’ about forest management projects, and express that consensus to support timely action on agreed projects or policy.

The Working Group functions within the boundaries of its Operations Manual, which contains a defined a set of values, purpose and process which act as sideboards for its priorities regarding forest management and restoration.   Each member is obliged to conform to the CGWG Code of Conduct.

John Prinkki, former Carbon County Commissioner, is the current Chairman of the Working Group.

We are currently looking for representatives for special interests to join the collaborative.  If you would be a committed advocate for this category of interest, or know of someone who would be, we would like to hear from you.   Click here for a membership application form and more information to apply.

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