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We are eager to share information that the members have gathered since CGWG was created.   At our meetings we have had a number of excellent presentations by experts from industry, science and advocacy organizations, and from several of the Ranger Districts in Custer Gallatin Forest.   We will continue to add content to this library over time.  Please contact us if you have any comment or suggestion for adding value to this resource.


North Hebgen Project Memorandum  January 2017

Smith Shields FINAL Decision (01-06-17)

CGWG Organizational Documents:

CGWG Operations Manual
CGWG Code of Conduct

CGWG Member Roster
CGWG Member Application Form

Presentations:  (information delivered at CGWG meetings):

Wild & Scenic Rivers Presentation  – May 10, 2017 meeting
       by  Charles Drimal, Greater Yellowstone Coalition     
.                Presentation Part 1  (6MB)
.                Presentation Part 2  (4MB)
.                W & S Primer handout (PDF)
.                W & S  Selway River Case Articles  handout (PDF)

RY Timber – Jan/2015 Presentation outline

Southwestern Crown of the Continent Monitoring Presentation by Cory Davis 3-9-16

Fire Ecology of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (Brad Shoemaker Nov. 2015)

Forest Planning:

Citizens Guide to Forest Planning
Understanding Your Opportunities for Participating in the Forest Planning Process

Custer Gallatin Ranger District Overviews:

Sioux Ranger District Overview

Western Zone Highlights (Hebgen Lake and Bozeman Districts)
Central Zone Highlights

Beartooth District Overview


Federal Highways  (FHA) Wildlife-Vehicle Collision Reduction Study (FHA 2008)
.    (recommends vegetation removal along highways as one of many possible
.    mitigations  increase visibility of animals to drivers, and, thus, reduce WVCs.) 
Interagency Whitebark Pine Monitoring Protocol
       For the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Greater Yellowstone Network  RESOURCE BRIEF
       Whitebark Pine in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

County Growth Policies:


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