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September 9th, 2020

    Due to the pandemic, CGWG will use a virtual
               meeting format until further notice. 

           Conctact us if you would like to receive
                    instructions for joining our virtual
       meeting online!



CGWG members represent a wide range of stakeholder interests in the management of the Custer Gallatin. 

The twenty-four designated seats on the collaborative include  County Commissioners, representatives of Conservation NGO’s, the Ski industry,  Agriculture and Ranching, Quiet and Motorized Recreation, Hunters, Anglers, Outfitters, Mining, Recreation and Economic Development, and the Timber industry. 


Custer Gallatin Working Group members meetsmonthly, usually on the second Wednesday.   Anyone may attend.  Meetings are most often held in Bozeman, Montana.    Our agendas normally include discussion about  new or ongoing forest management projects, planning and policy.  We invite comments or input from non-members pertaining to agenda items, and we strive to keep the discussion relevant, timely and informative.



Since its formation the CGWG has engaged on several projects to assist the Forest Service with public outreach, planning and funding advocacy.  Our largest effort will be long-term engagement on the Forest Plan Revision.

Currently the priorities within the FPR project are focused on three areas of concern:

   - Defining future desired conditions

   - Wild and Scenic River designations

   - Wilderness designations

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John Prinkki, Chair              406-425-1516     jeprinkki@gmail.com

Jim Hart, Vice Chair             406-843-4277    jhart@madison.mt.gov

Earl Atwood, Coordinator  406-328-4091    eatwood@beartooth.org


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